Paypal vs Skrill - Which is Better?

When you are looking into which payment method to use to fund your online casino account, it is important to compare some of the biggest and most reliable online payment solutions available today. Paypal and Skrill are two of the most well-known names in the industry and both offer many benefits for online casino players. Both Skrill and Paypal and casinos are worthwhile options as long as they suit your needs. The two companies focus on a different set of customers and this may be reflected in some of the conditions associated with their use. Here we will briefly compare these two methods while we look at their pros and cons.

Paypal Pros

Paypal Cons


There are many aspects to take into account when you are comparing Skrill vs Paypal and casinos. Both are fast services that allow you to transfer funds in real time and make use of those funds to begin playing at the casino almost immediately. Many people choose Paypal as their payment solution of choice for smaller transactions, while they choose Skrill for their larger transactions. However, this does not need to be the case and switching between the two when you are playing at an online casino is not practical. It is important to make a choice between the two methods.

Some people choose their payment solution based on which one they already have set up. Both are third-party e-wallet solutions and require you to open and fund an account before you can use it to fund your online casino account. Having one set up before you begin playing might help you decide which one to use.

One of the biggest cons of Paypal vs Skrill when it comes to online casino payment methods is the acceptance of the method at the casino. Skrill is by far the most widely accepted payment solution found in cashier sections of online casinos. Paypal, while it is a popular payment solution online in general, it is not widely accepted at online casinos and your choice might be made for you just by the fact that it is not offered. However, if both Paypal and Skrill are available keep in mind the size and reputation of Paypal, along with its strict safety and security protocols that are designed to help keep your privacy and your financial information secure.

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