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The boom that the online casino industry is experiencing has resulted in a large number of online casinos springing up. And that trend continues with new casinos continuing to surface across the world. With PayPal slowly coming to be accepted as a valid payment method, you find more and more new PayPal casinos making an appearance.

The mobile casino industry is also experiencing phenomenal growth, and that is why you see there are new mobile PayPal casinos as well. All these casinos are completely secure and come with player-friendly features. We will discuss on this age about playing at new PayPal casinos.

Why Play at New PayPal Casinos?

Normally, players would be wary of straightaway signing up with a new casino and playing for real money because it is a new entity. As long as it is not from one of the reputed providers, you would think twice before going on to play the games it offers. However, that apprehension does not arise in the case of new PayPal casinos. The reason for this is simple: you know that any casino that offers PayPal as a payment method has to be one that is completely on the up and up and also secure.

One of the reasons PayPal was not available as a payment method for a long time is that it is very strict when it comes to ensuring the comfort and security of players using it. PayPal has rigid guidelines in place to ensure that players do not suffer from delayed payments or payments not reaching them. The onus is placed on the businesses using PayPal to ensure players do not suffer. That is why, initially only the reputed casino operators started offering PayPal as a payment method.

Also, PayPal always works with online casinos that have a valid license from a recognized licensing jurisdiction. That automatically means that a casino that has PayPal is bound to be one that has been properly licensed and of good pedigree, because a valid license from a recognized jurisdiction is costly.

There are a few things that work for new PayPal casinos:

Playing at New PayPal Casinos

The first major advantage of playing at new PayPal casinos is that you get access to the world’s largest e-wallet – PayPal – as a payment method. But that is just the generic major advantage. There are other benefits that we will discuss here.

Any new PayPal casino that you sign up with will, as mentioned earlier, have the benefit of valid licensing. This is a direct indicator of the quality of service you are likely to get. You also get the following at new PayPal casinos:

Software and Games at New PayPal Casinos

You will find that new PayPal casinos – whether from established operators or new operators – will usually have the latest software. The software provides the casino with numerous features, including:

The games available at the new PayPal casinos are also exciting and the features in some of the games like slots depends on the software powering the casino. The standard games available include:

You may also get the following, depending on the casino operator:

Bonuses at New PayPal Casinos

There are a range of exciting bonuses at new PayPal casinos. Bonuses for new players include:

Bonuses for existing players include cashback bonuses, reload bonuses, comp points, and access to the casino’s VIP program. There are also referral bonuses for referring new players. Besides, some casinos offer alternative payment method bonuses for choosing PayPal as the preferred payment methods.

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